Cheap Windows 7 Headed for College Campuses

Published on September 17, 2009
by Nick Wingfield

Microsoft (MSFT) is about to find out whether it can prevent further defections to the Macintosh among college students by charging less for Windows 7 than a typical textbook.

On Thursday, the company announced on Twitter that college students in the U.S. can upgrade their PCs to Windows 7 Home Premium edition for only $29.99, as long as they have a genuine copy of Windows XP or Vista already installed on their systems. That’s a quarter of the $119.99 Microsoft currently charges everyone else for an upgrade to the same version of Windows 7.

The details about the offer are on a special Web site Microsoft set up. There are a couple of catches: Customers have to have a dot-edu email address to prove they’re affiliated with a college, and their $29.99 buys them a version of Windows 7 that they can download Oct. 22 when the operating system becomes available, not a DVD.

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