Dow Jones Digital Departure: Head to Atlantic Media for New Project

Published on January 6, 2012
by Kara Swisher

According to sources close to the situation, Dow Jones is losing its top online editor.

Kevin Delaney, managing editor of The Journal Online — or, as it is better known — is taking a job at the Atlantic Media Company, sources said.

The move is a blow to the Journal’s online efforts, as Delaney, who got the top job in late 2009, is a well-regarded journalist and editor.

(He is certainly an fave of those at the Dow Jones mother ship, but he still did not call me back to comment! Thanks a lot, Kevin!)

It has not yet been determined who will succeed him at, sources said. Delaney is not leaving immediately.

Delaney joined the media giant in 1992, was a prominent tech reporter in Silicon Valley, and was also deputy managing editor at

It’s not clear what Delaney’s new position will be at the Washington, D.C.-based Atlantic Media, which is best known for its flagship Atlantic Monthly magazine and also the National Journal.

But sources said his role will be part of a new content initiative the company is undertaking.

The well-known Atlantic has recently transformed itself from a coffee-table, big-think analog offering, which still is published, to focusing more on its online content site.

That includes its sassy Atlantic Wire, which is edited by former Gawker editor Gabriel Snyder. Two stories today, for example, are titled “Where the ‘Crybaby’ Gingrich Meme Came From” and “Cain Promises ‘Unconventional’ Endorsement, Jokes Ensue.”

That’s not your intellectually snotty uncle’s Atlantic!

I am looking forward to seeing what Delaney is up to soon.

(Full disclosure: News Corp.-owned Dow Jones owns — but that does not get our calls returned any quicker!)

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