Battery Maker Leyden Energy Announces Pact With Powermat

Published on January 10, 2012
by Ina Fried

Leyden Energy, a start-up focused on bringing the world much needed improvements in battery technology, is using CES to announce a tie-up with wireless charging company Powermat.

Because it packs more battery capacity in a smaller space, Leyden said it can create batteries that pack the same amount of charging, plus the circuitry to support Powermat, that standard batteries need just for their juice.

Leyden, as we wrote last year, has raised a bunch of money to produce batteries with a different kind of chemistry that the company says can lead to longer charges, and batteries that last twice as long.

Like everyone else, we’re sold on anything that might make our phones and tablets last longer. The real question, though, is when we will start seeing products using the technology.

In an interview, Leyden marketing VP Noam Kedem promised that we would see actual products this year, and said that a lack of announcements since last year’s funding should not be taken as a sign the company has gotten complacent.

“It’s not because we haven’t been busy,” Kedem said. “Au contraire.”

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