Walt Shows Off CES Gadgets for Fox Business News (Video)

Published on January 12, 2012
by Walt Mossberg

As noted in this Fox Business News interview, it’s not easy to get around the floor of CES when you have one of the most recognizable faces in tech, but Walt Mossberg dutifully pressed through the throngs, and while nothing really blew him away, he did find a few items intriguing:

  • Samsung Note: Dubbed a “phablet,” the Note is a cross between a big phone and a small tablet.
  • One Tablet Per Child: The follow-up to the original One Laptop Per Child computer, this tablet is designed for third-world and developing countries.
  • Digital health and fitness products: A blood glucose meter and blood pressure cuff that interfaces with an iPhone or iPad.
  • Lenovo Yoga: This Ultrabook switches between a thin laptop and a tablet and is designed for the upcoming Windows 8.

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