Motorola Mobility Begins Reality Distortion Field Tests in Germany

Published on February 27, 2012
by John Paczkowski

So that setback Motorola Mobility suffered in its patent battle with Apple today? The one that saw a German court bar it from enforcing an injunction that would require Apple to remove its iPhones and iPads from store shelves in Germany? The one that said to rebuff the licensing terms Apple offered Motorola Mobility for the standards-essential patents at issue in the case would be to invite antitrust scrutiny?

Not a setback at all. A victory! According to Motorola, anyway.

“We believe that inventors should be paid for their innovations, and the Appellate Court in Karlsruhe, Germany has agreed,” the company said in a statement. “After years of fruitless negotiation with Apple, Motorola Mobility was compelled to bring patent infringement proceedings and enforce a resulting injunction because Apple refused to negotiate a license agreement. MMI’s determination to collect fair compensation for Apple’s use of MMI’s patented technology has now been vindicated by the Appellate Court’s decision, which clarified and confirmed that Apple’s licensing offer to MMI in January is a contractually binding commitment to pay royalties to MMI on all of Apple’s cellular devices.”

That’s some epic spin, right there. Nice to hear that Motorola is as happy with the court’s decision as I imagine Apple is.

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