Published on June 1, 2009
by John Paczkowski

At the Democratic National Convention, we were like rock stars. At the Republican National Convention, I sat in my hotel room by myself for three days. No one would meet with us. I was begging people to meet with us.

Facebook Marketing Director Randi Zuckerberg

With all due respect, Randi Zuckerberg is totally full of sh*t on this one…Is it possible Ms. Zuckerberg sat alone in her hotel room during the Republican National Convention because she never actually contacted anyone? Or maybe she forgot about the major hurricane barreling toward the Gulf Coast on the eve of the Republican National Convention? Or maybe she didn’t really want to be around a group of conservative Americans in the first place?…Can Ms. Zuckerberg tell us what the Democratic National Convention did with Facebook–aside from pet their enlarged egos and take them to glitzy parties with the Hollywood elite–that Republican National Convention planners didn’t? I guess next time we won’t make the mistake of letting the business of nominating our Presidential candidate get in the way of the folks at Facebook being treated like rock stars. Apologies to Facebook. Our bad.

Matt Burns, director of communications for the 2008 Republican National Convention

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