Stop Licking Your Monitor

Published on December 15, 2009
by Andrew LaVallee

Holiday e-cards are everywhere this time of year, but digital agency Rosetta is putting a spin on its version through a mix of Flash animation, facial-recognition technology and motion detection.

Its “Snowday” card is a snowflake-catching game, and if you have a webcam attached to your computer, you can play by simply sticking your tongue out and grabbing ’em.

The game starts by asking you to grant the cam access, then you center your tongue in the screen’s image (in mid-air–you don’t actually need to lick your monitor), and start catching falling snowflakes.

Players get points for each one and can advance through levels such as “Tongue-Tied,” “Sir Licks a Lot,” “Dr. Strangetongue” and the ultimate, “Baron von Tonguemeister.” The game ends by taking a photo of you in tongue-extended play, which you can then post to Facebook or Twitter. There’s also a “tongueless” version for players without webcams, in which you drag an on-screen tongue from snowflake to snowflake.

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