ICANN Delays Dot-Anything Domain Deadline

Published on April 13, 2012
by John Paczkowski

ICANN’s plan to open up the Internet’s addressing system “to the limitless possibilities of human imagination and creativity” will have to wait a few days more to usher in the dot-anything era.

The Internet’s governing body said Thursday that a technical issue with its top-level domain (TLD) application system, or TAS, has forced it to extend the deadline for submitting applications for new vanity domain names.

“Recently, we received a report of unusual behavior with the operation of the TAS system,” the agency said in a brief statement. “ICANN is taking the most conservative approach possible to protect all applicants and allow adequate time to resolve the issue.”

I’m told “unusual behavior” is not a euphemism for “attack,” but for some sort of system glitch.

Anyway, as a result, ICANN has extended the application deadline until April 20. Which means the 839 companies that are paying $185,000 a pop to submit vanity domains for the organization’s review have a bit longer to do so. ICANN is expected to publish details of these applications on April 30.

Update: And, indeed, it was a system glitch, one that allowed a limited number of users to view each other’s details.

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