CES: Ed Hardy Tries Cellphone Accessories

Published on January 11, 2010
by Marisa Taylor

There’s not much that’s subtle about Ed Hardy, the clothing line splashed with rhinestones and vintage tattoo designs that’s favored by the likes of Jon Gosselin.

But at CES, Ed Hardy entered the world of mobile accessories with handset designs called Icing, intended for “the distinguishing mobile user who wants to show off the Ed Hardy brand with subtlety,” according to the company.

They’re made by Crystal Icing, which makes handsets adorned with Swarovski crystals. Users can choose between 10 new designs with names like “Beautiful Ghost,” “Love Kills Slowly” and “Koi Fish” for mobile faceplates ($30), iPod faceplates ($20 to $30) or special rhinestone faceplates ($50).

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