New Software Aims to Keep Facebook Safer

Published on January 21, 2010
by Jennifer Valentino

As social-media sites like Facebook and Twitter have expanded to include more of the online population, spammers and hackers have come along for the ride. Even the FCC chairman has seen his Facebook page taken over by a malicious program that sent spam to his friends.

Facebook and other firms have started responding to the problem, and on Thursday tech-security company Websense will announce software called Defensio that allows Facebook users to better police the comments appearing on their wall and fan pages. In addition to detecting and blocking threats such as phishing and malicious Web sites, the software lets users restrict comments that include profanity or adult content.

The Websense software is one of several recent attempts to make Facebook more secure. Facebook in July announced a plan to make people whose accounts had been compromised go through a verification process before logging back in.

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