Google: The World's First $100 Billion Brand

Published on August 6, 2009
by John Paczkowski

Google began using billboard advertising for the first time earlier this month, though it may not have needed to. Because according to Millward Brown Optimor, the Google brand is the most well-known and valuable brand in the world.

The brand and marketing analytics firm released its BrandZ Top 100 report (PDF) today, pronouncing Google (GOOG) the number one brand for the third consecutive year. The company’s brand equity: $100 billion, a first for the study.

While Google dominated the study’s rankings, it wasn’t the only tech company to make it into the top 100 or the top 10, for that matter. Microsoft (MSFT), IBM (IBM), Apple (AAPL), China Mobile and Vodafone (VOD) topped the list as well, ranking second, fourth, sixth, seventh and ninth respectively.

“Five of the top 10 in the BrandZ Top 100 are technology brands,” Millward Brown Optimor said in its report. “The rapid ascent of these brands and their high values reflect the strength and velocity of the technology category, which grew by 2 percent last year,” the report reads. “The rising popularity of online search advertising, which is cheaper than display, is benefiting Google which owns 73 percent market share in this area.”

Below, Millward Brown Optimor’s top tech brands (click to enlarge):


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