Leaks Help Bring Nokia’s New Lumia Line Into Focus

Published on September 4, 2012
by Ina Fried

We’re still a day away from Nokia’s big launch event in New York, but a pretty clear picture of the new Lumia line is starting to emerge.

Several pictures of the Nokia 820 and 920 have been posted to Twitter by @evleaks, along with details including wireless charging and the PureView branding on the higher-end model.

As previously reported here, the PureView branding may be there, but it won’t be because the 920 packs the same imaging capabilities as the 808 PureView Symbian phone introduced earlier this year. Instead, a source has said that the new Windows Phone will have other neat photo technology worthy of the moniker.

The new Lumias will also be Nokia’s first devices running Windows Phone 8, Microsoft’s updated operating system, which packs improved multitasking, support for multicore chips and a Windows NT kernel, among other features.

Additional confirmation of the Lumia’s PureView-but-not-PureView abilities came in the form of a string of tweets on Monday from Nokia’s Damian Dinning.

PureView, Dinning said in one tweet, “is NOT a single specific feature or specification.”

“PureView is about blending optics, pixels and image processing in new and different ways to allow you to do things you otherwise cannot,” he said in another tweet.

The leaked photos make it pretty clear that the new Lumia will have a fairly standard-looking image sensor rather the impressive but bulky 41-megapixel camera found on the 808 PureView.

But, anticipating some criticism of that, Dinning said, “As said many times before it’s NOT about the number of pixels but what you do with them.”

Well, we won’t have to wait long to get the details on just how many pixels the new Lumias pack, as well as what you can do with them.

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