Bing Growing Eight Times Faster Than Google

Published on September 17, 2009
by John Paczkowski

bingleNo doubt about it: More consumers are Googling with Bing. According to the latest stats from research firm Nielsen, Microsoft’s (MSFT) new search engine is growing faster than its archrival’s.

Bing’s share of the search market leaped to 10.7 percent in August, from nine percent in July–a month-over-month increase of of 22.1 percent. Meanwhile, Google’s (GOOG) share grew to 64.6 percent–a month-over-month increase of of 2.6 percent. And Yahoo (YHOO) lost share to its new partner, falling 1.1 percent to 16 percent, a month-over-month decline of 4.2 percent. (Click on table below to enlarge.)


Which makes Bing the fastest-growing search outfit around, with a growth rate more than eight times greater than Google’s. Quite an achievement given Google’s de facto monopoly over search and the fact that Bing launched just a few months ago. Clearly, Microsoft’s new offering is picking up momentum despite Google’s repeated dismissals of it.

“Microsoft has announced a Google killer search product about once a year for the past six years,” Google CEO Eric Schmidt said of Bing after it debuted. “And they need to offer a better product than the one they did last year. I think it’s too early to say with Bing how well it will do. They have some advantages because of the Windows monopoly where they can encourage people–in our view unfairly–to use Bing, but let’s see what the end users choose. We always start from the premise ‘what do the end users want’ and we continue to find in our studies that what Google offers is what they want.”

Yeah, until someone comes along and offers them something better.

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