Google to Apple: You Lie

Published on September 18, 2009
by John Paczkowski

imagesWell this is uncomfortable…

Asked by the Federal Communications Commission in August if it had rejected Google’s Voice app from its iTunes App Store, Apple (AAPL) claimed it had not and that the app was still under review.

“Contrary to published reports, Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it,” Apple explained to the FCC. “The application has not been approved because, as submitted for review, it appears to alter the iPhone’s distinctive user experience by replacing the iPhone’s core mobile telephone functionality and Apple user interface with its own user interface for telephone calls, text messaging and voicemail.”

The FCC put the same question to Google (GOOG) and received a very different answer, which was revealed this morning when Google allowed an unredacted version of the document it submitted to the commission to be made public. Here’s how Google responded to the FCC’s question:

Apple’s representative informed Google that the Google Voice application was rejected because Apple believed the application duplicated the core dialer functionality of the iPhone. The Apple representative indicated that the company did not want applications that could potentially replace such functionality.

… In a series of in-person meetings, phone calls and emails between July 5 and July 28, 2009, Apple and Google representative discussed the approval status of the Google Voice application that was submitted on June 2, 2009. The primary points of contact between the two companies were Alan Eustace, Google Senior Vice President of Engineering and Research and Phil Schiller, Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing. On July 7, Mr. Eustace and Mr. Schiller spoke over the phone. It was during this call that Mr. Schiller informed Mr. Eustace that Apple was rejecting the Google Voice application for the reasons described above.

Ah, I see. So by “delayed,” Apple apparently meant “rejected.” Interesting. The full document, below.

UPDATE: As I report in a later post on this unfolding story, Apple has denied Google’s assertion to the FCC that it rejected the Google Voice app.


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