Some Things to Do While You Wait for That iPhone 5 to Arrive

Published on September 20, 2012
by Ina Fried

For those who have preordered an iPhone 5, today is a long day filled with anticipation.

Sure, yesterday was spent downloading iOS 6 on the iPhone you hope to replace, but what is there to do today besides drive around town listening to that thick old iPhone 4S read turn-by-turn directions?

Well, fear not, Apple lover. AllThingsD has a few things to keep you busy and whet your appetite for your soon to be new best friend.

First is a schematic block diagram (PDF) posted to Apple’s developer Web site.

Next up is a 3-D rendering commissioned by the folks at Sketchfab. Sure, you can’t actually touch the phone or make calls. But you can twirl it around and see that Lightning connector that will soon make you spend hundreds of dollars on adapters.

One note on the 3-D model. It requires your browser to have WebGL turned on, which is often off by default. In Safari, for example, you can enable it by going to the Advanced tab in the “Safari preferences” menu. From there, click the Show Develop menu and choose “enable WebGL” from the develop menu. Then reload the page.

For those who don’t have WebGL capability or don’t want the hassle, here are a couple still image captures.

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