Some Twits Chirp From Twitter Conference: @Ev, @Biz and More!

Published on April 15, 2010
by Kara Swisher

Here’s a video BoomTown did yesterday at the Twitter Chirp conference, where a lot of noise was made about a lot of things.

Like: Twitter has a Google (GOOG) Android app; Twitter has a link shortener; Twitter does more searches than you think; Twitter has 105.8 million registered users and is adding 300,000 a day; Twitter users write 55 million posts a day; Twitter is being archived at the Library of Congress.

Also more blah-blah-blah on geolocation, metadata called Annotations and, of course, @anywhere, which is essentially Facebook Connect for Twitter.

And–oh, yes–making money. That.

Apparently, according to the execs in attendance, I will have to stop making fun of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone’s name, calling him things like: No-Biz-Here Stone, Ain’t-Nobody’s-Biz-Ness-If-We-Don’t-Have-a-Business-Plan Stone and Biz Stone-Cold-Profits.

Now, given that the San Francisco microblogging service is introducing a number of advertising-related efforts in a quest to make some bank, I will have to change the name to Hey-Zuckerberg-We-Have-a-Biz-Too Stone.

Or, given some of the tensions with third-party developers over Twitter moving into their space in core development areas: Pardon-Us-While-We-Stomp-on-Your-Biz Stone.

In fact, that issue was the main focus of a panel I moderated yesterday afternoon at Twitter’s Chirp, titled “Investing in the Ecosystem.”

My dudes-only panelists included Polaris Ventures’ Mike Hirshland, Venrock’s David Pakman, Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital, and Benchmark Capital’s Peter Fenton.

Mostly, they took my guff about the state of the Twitterverse, in what turned out to be a lively discussion.

While yesterday was all talk, from COO Dick Costolo (who mistakenly thinks he is as funny as I am), Twitter CEO and co-founder Evan Williams, Stone and others, Chirp today is 24-hour hackathon.

Here’s a video I did of interviews with a wide range of Twitter staff, investors and advisers–and blogger Robert Scoble, of course, who is as inevitable at an event like this as air:

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