Buzzword Alert to All Geeks: Please Replace "Real-Time" Web With "Right-Time" Web STAT!

Published on April 16, 2010
by Kara Swisher

Earlier this week at Twitter’s Chirp conference, Venrock’s David Pakman seemed to strike a chord by coining a new buzzword that deserves to gain some level of acceptance.

On a panel BoomTown moderated, in answer to my question about what kinds of investments and trends he is looking for in the social networking space, Pakman said:

“The ‘right-time’ Web is more valuable in some cases than the real-time Web. Real-time data is only interesting when I’m actually looking for that information. There’s no service today that’s giving information when it’s really needed. If your company is doing that…I brought my checkbook.”

While the checkbook was a nice touch, Pakman is actually making a good point, as much as I hate the proclivity of techies to coin new and often silly terms to wow the general public.

But one of the key issues being raised of late about making all these status update data streams helpful is that they are super-useless 98 percent of the time, resembling a raging flooded river more than a way to navigate to any place that is actually useful.

Someone does have to significantly drop the signal-to-noise ratio on all this blather, cutting through to find the really valuable information we all know has to be there.

Until someone does, please enjoy the Mighty Diamonds, singing their classic song, “Right Time”:

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