Read It and Cringe: LinkedIn’s Overused Buzzwords

Published on December 4, 2012
by Lauren Goode

To Whom It May Concern:*

I’m writing to apply for the job opening you posted on I feel that my extensive experience, analytical problem-solving skills and my team playerness** make me the perfect motivated candidate for this position.

My track record proves that I’m a creative and innovative worker. I’m also effective and responsible, and I facilitate lots of stuff. I often take a synergistic approach to dialing it back before I think outside the envelope.

While I was born in the United States and have spent most of my professional life working in the U.S., I assure you that I can bring a multinational view to this specialized area.

I’m also incredibly creative. My former boss, who, unfortunately, is traveling outside of the country, and currently can’t be reached for references, can vouch for my creativity.

Thank you in advance for considering me for this position. I hope you’ll find my unique skill set to be the ideal candidate for this role, and I hope the salary is negotiable.


*This mock cover letter was written using phrases from LinkedIn’s 2012 top 10 buzzwords list, which the company comes up with after analyzing more than 187 million user profiles.

**In case you missed it, this does not make sense.

For a look at last year’s most overused buzzwords, read this.

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