Backupify Has Google Apps’ Back With New Enterprise Update

Published on December 12, 2012
by Arik Hesseldahl

backupify_Logo-featureBackupify, the cloud-based service that provides a backup for cloud-based applications like Google Apps, announced a big update today.

Dubbed Backupify Winter Release 2012, the revision brings a bunch of new administrative features that large companies running Google Apps might need. Its the first update to the Enterprise Edition of Backupify since it was first launched in August.

The headline features the ability to give administrative control to more than one person across multiple lines of business in an organization. Heads of IT in different departments can, say, rescue a Gmail message deleted by mistake, for those employees with fat fingers.

There’s also a new audit log feature, that lets admins track everything that happens within the Backupify account. So if someone deletes something they shouldn’t have, there a record that includes who did it, the IP address of the machine they were using and a timestamp saying precisely when it happened.

The new version also adds support for accounts within Google Apps subdomains.

Backupify has come a long way since it started up primarily as way for people to back up their Twitter and Facebook feeds, which it still does. The company has 5,000 paying customers and is now backing up more than 1 million individual accounts. It recently boosted its total storage capacity to 400 Terabytes. It now backs up 700 million individual items, and 2.7 billion GMail messages.

In August it announce it had raised $9 million in a Series C round of venture capital funding from Symantec. That followed a Series B last September in a round led by Avalon Ventures with General Catalyst Partners and Lowercase Capital also participating.

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