U.S. Senator: Infosys is a "Chop Shop"

Published on August 6, 2010
by Amol Sharma

While discussing an immigration bill on the U.S. Senate floor Thursday, New York Democrat Charles Schumer likened Indian tech giant Infosys Technologies (INFY) to a “chop shop.”

We’re pretty sure that was a slip. After all, the term “chop shop” refers to shady places of business where people dismantle stolen cars and sell off their parts. Surely he isn’t comparing the legal outsourcing of America’s jobs to the illegal selling of America’s brake pads and V-8 engines?

It is likely the senator was going for “body shop,” also a derogatory term, but one that describes firms who shuffle low-cost tech engineers around the globe.

Sen. Schumer’s office didn’t immediately respond to a request for a comment or clarification on his remarks.

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