Spoof: Jobs and Gates Talking When @karaswisher Wasn't Around

Published on May 18, 2010
by Kara Swisher

Here is one panel from a spoof by the Sad and Useless comedy blog of a 2007 joint interview Walt Mossberg and I did with Apple (AAPL) CEO Steve Jobs and Bill Gates of Microsoft (MSFT) at the D: All Things Digital conference.

The idea of filling in the blank for a trio of photos of the pair of tech legends is a really interesting way to do crowd-sourced comics.

But some efforts, as you will see, are funnier than others (and many are simply juvenile, which is par for the course with these social group efforts).

You can download a template here and make your own.

One note: All Things Digital does not mind spoofing photos–we do them all the time–but the photos should be credited to Asa Mathat.

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