Kids' Digital Books Take the App Route

Published on September 15, 2010
by Jeffrey A. Trachtenberg

Picture this: A child cozies up for a bedtime story, but with an electronic book that allows her to, say, tickle a character, record her own voice reading or complete a maze.

Publishers are increasingly embracing special software applications for children’s digital books when they want to show off pictures, color, video and interactivity.

Rick Richter, the former head of kids’ books at CBS Corp.’s (CBS) Simon & Schuster, is launching a new media house that specializes in interactive digital children’s books, including classics such as “The Velveteen Rabbit.” His company, Ruckus Media Group LLC, will make its debut with a line of children’s books delivered via software applications that make use of color, video and touch screen capabilities.

The titles, priced at $3.99 each, will initially be sold via Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) App Store but will be available later this year for a variety of tablet devices.

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