Miss Lee, Run Me Off Another Copy of That “Disappointed in the Ruling” Form

Published on March 7, 2013
by John Paczkowski

i_am_disappointHere’s yet another patent ruling for Samsung to be “disappointed” with.

A U.K. court on Thursday sided with Apple in a patent infringement suit brought against it by Samsung, dropping the hammer on the South Korean company’s effort to bust the iPhone maker for infringement.

At issue in this case were a trio of standards-essential patents (SEPs) covering the transmission of data over 3G networks. Samsung had asserted them against Apple in the U.K. — and elsewhere — in the hope of squeezing it for royalties on the company’s 3G-capable devices. But Judge Christopher Floyd rebuffed Samsung’s claims, ruling all three patents-in-suit invalid.

Floyd’s ruling further undermines Samsung’s already dubiously shaky campaign to assert its standards-essential IP against Apple in the pair’s endlessly metastasizing legal battle. To date, Apple has prevailed against about two dozen of the SEPs with which Samsung has attacked it.

Samsung, as I noted above, was dismayed by Floyd’s decision and rolled out what has become an old chestnut of a statement for times like this: “We are disappointed by the court’s decision. Upon a thorough review of the judgment, we will decide whether to file an appeal.”

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