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Roku and Your TV

Published on March 12, 2013
by Walt Mossberg


I enjoyed your article on the Roku 3 and am interested in this product, but you didn’t mention if this device requires TVs of a recent vintage. I purchased my Pioneer Elite in 2008.


It only requires an HDTV with an open HDMI port, now the standard for connecting video and audio sources to modern TVs. Or you can plug it into an HDMI switcher box. I did my testing on a Pioneer Elite and it worked fine.


The new Roku 3 with its remote, which has a headphone jack for earbuds.


Does the new Roku 3 TV streaming box you reviewed last week “save” movies, or remember my Netflix information?

For instance, if I buy two of them, for two TVs, will it remember what’s in my Instant Queue on both?


Yes, it should even remember on the second box where you left off watching a movie or TV show on the first Roku. But this is really a feature of Netflix, not Roku.

If you, say, watched Netflix on an iPad then continued using it elsewhere on an Android device, it would also remember these things. The Roku 3 itself doesn’t record video, or have a universal memory function across the hundreds of services it offers.


I am interested in the supposedly easy-to-use Telikin computer for seniors, but you judged it too flawed to buy when you reviewed it in 2011. Have they fixed those flaws?


According to the company: “Since your review, we have made a lot of progress with Telikin. We have fixed the bugs you experienced and have added more features.” However, I haven’t tested it again, so can’t verify this claim.

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