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Big Jambox Update Lets You Rock a Little Longer, Improves Audio Performance

Published on April 3, 2013
by Bonnie Cha

Jawbone today released a software update for its Big Jambox Bluetooth speaker system that extends battery life, improves audio streaming for iOS devices, and more.


The Big Jambox 2.0 update will be available later this morning, and adds new AAC support for iOS 6.1 that promises better audio streaming with fewer dropouts.

Jawbone said that due to the efficiency of AAC (the default audio format used by iOS devices), the speaker system also gains an additional two hours of battery life, bringing the total estimated battery life up to 17 hours. That is, of course, when paired with an iOS 6.1 device.

Not all benefits of the software update are limited to iPhone, iPod and iPad users. A new silent mode allows you to mute the speaker’s voice prompts and tones by holding down the Talk and Plus buttons on the Big Jambox.

Volume control is now synced between your mobile device and the speaker, so if you change the volume on your phone, the audio is adjusted on the speaker as well. Also, support for the Sony PS Vita has been added if you want to put your gaming audio on blast.

The update is free, and Big Jambox owners can get it by logging on to Jawbone’s MyTalk site and following the instructions. You will need to connect the speaker to your computer; it’s not an over-the-air update.

I reviewed the Big Jambox in May, and found it to be great wireless speaker system. It’s beautifully designed, and I thought it offered better sound quality than the comparable Bose SoundLink Mobile Wireless Speaker. But it’s a little pricey at $250.

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