Twitter Music Is Here Today, and This Time You Can Use It

Published on April 18, 2013
by Peter Kafka

ryan_seacrestYep, that was Twitter on “Good Morning America” just now, announcing, via an ABC proxy, what we told you last week: Twitter’s music app is now rolling out to everyone.

What is it?

We’ve had a pretty good sense for awhile — it’s a music “discovery” app, not a full-blown music service —  but here’s the GMA lifestyle correspondent’s description of it: The new app “puts artists front and center … it’s like really getting recommendations from your friends, who happen to be music superstars.”

For the last week, Twitter has been putting the iOS app and (and related Web service) in the hands of a … varied group of musicians, some of whom really are superstars. Others, less so. In any case, all of them have been dutifully tweeting out their approval.

So … sometime today, you should be able to start playing with it. For now, the Twitter Music landing page still has a “coming soon” message.

And by the way, I wouldn’t put a ton of stock in the “leaked” tech specs that surfaced last week — I think the list of music services Twitter will partner with in its initial go-round will be more limited than this post suggests.

Update: Ah, here you go — ABC’s Joanna Stern has a full-fledged preview.

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