Full D8 Video: AOL CEO Tim Armstrong

Published on July 29, 2010
by Kara Swisher

As promised, All Things Digital is posting the full videos from our eighth D: All Things Digital conference, held in early June.

Here’s the interview I did at D8 with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong.

As you will see, the Google (GOOG) veteran is a dynamic speaker (and his cheekbones could cut diamonds), trying hard to revive a long-troubled Internet icon.

We talk about that, as well as the aggressive move of AOL (AOL) into the content space.

Here’s the full video of the D8 interview session with Armstrong.

Want to see it bigger? Click here.

Note: We’ll be posting full D8 videos on Mondays and Thursdays. Next up: The demo by Kno, a tablet device for students.

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