Madison Color Raises $4M for Home Hair Care

Published on April 29, 2013
by Liz Gannes

As the tech industry scratches its metaphorical head and wonders what needs transforming today, perhaps the answer is at its metaphorical fingertips: Home hair care.



A yet-to-launch company called Madison Color says it will source its own healthier and less harmful products, and will help people buy them via personalized color-matching mobile apps, stylist consultations and other modern e-commerce sorts of things.

Madison Color’s CEO is Amy Errett, formerly a venture capitalist at Maveron, and before that CEO of Olivia. The founding team includes Zynga co-founder Andrew Trader.

“We felt like there was a big opportunity relative to a market that’s had zero innovation,” Errett said in an interview today, quoting industry numbers that place the U.S. home hair care market at $48 billion, including $15 billion for hair color and 45 million women who color their hair at home.

Set to launch its first hair color products in the fall, Madison Color has raised $4 million in Series A funding led by True Ventures and including Maveron.

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