Google to Sell Unlocked HTC One With Nexus UI on June 26 for $599

Published on May 30, 2013
by Ina Fried

As it is doing with the Galaxy S4, Google plans to sell a version of the HTC One that is unlocked and carries the stock Android experience.

Sundar with HTC One

It will go on sale for $599 on June 26 from the Google Play store and will work on either AT&T or T-Mobile. Google is selling the stock Android version of the Galaxy S4 for $649.

Android and Chrome OS chief Sundar Pichai announced the plan Thursday during his appearance at D11.

The Nexus program of doing custom hardware with the stock Android experience isn’t dead, Pichai said.

“That will continue as well,” he said.

HTC offered up an interesting take on the move.

“The #HTCOne comes in a new flavor: Vanilla,” HTC said in a tweet on Thursday.

HTC noted in a blog post that it also has a couple of other unlocked options already available, including a $599 unlocked phone that includes its HTC Sense software as well as a developer edition that packs twice as much memory for $649.

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