Android and Chrome Head Sundar Pichai: The Full D11 Interview (Video)

Published on May 30, 2013
by Liz Gannes

Sundar Pichai leads both of Google’s operating systems — Android and Chrome — as well as many of the company’s apps.

SundarPichaiD11Pichai said today at D11 that he knows people won’t believe him, but he’s not dismayed by a world where Samsung is becoming the dominant force in Android, and Amazon and Facebook reshape Android almost beyond recognition.

That’s because Google has invested immensely in services that he doesn’t think those players can match: Search, maps and YouTube among them, and next up Google Now and Google Play Music All Access, which is coming to iOS “in a few weeks.”

“It’s not just the operating system, but it’s the services on top of it, the cloud services,” Pichai said. “That’s where the innovation lies.”

Plus, in addition to its Nexus devices, Google is taking back the option for consumers to buy phones that run its own version of Android. It previously announced it would sell an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 for $649, and now it will also sell an unlocked HTC One for $599.

Here’s the full video of Pichai onstage in conversation with Walt Mossberg:

Full D11 Conference Coverage

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