Apple Says New Campus Will Pump Jobs, Money Into Cupertino

Published on June 4, 2013
by John Paczkowski

Apple_Campus_overheadWhen it is finally finished in 2016, Apple’s new mothership campus will bring not only an architecturally significant landmark to its Cupertino, Calif., home, but significant fiscal advantages, as well.

That’s the gist of a massive economic impact report Apple released today, detailing the job and income/expenditure benefits that the iconic circular office building heralds for Cupertino and Santa Clara County. Prepared by Keyser Marston Associates, the 82-page report touts Apple Campus 2 as a vast engine of job creation and revenue for the city, one that will raise the number of full-time employees in the Cupertino area from 16,000 to 23,400, and spike purchases from local business by $2.1 billion annually.

A couple of other tidbits. By the time Apple Campus 2 is finished:

  • The total number of Santa Clara County-wide jobs supported by Apple is expected to be about 41,100.
  • The net annual fiscal surplus generated by Apple to Cupertino is predicted to exceed $11 million.
  • Local public agencies will collect an additional $32 million of property tax revenue.


The document is yet another effort by Apple to sell its new campus to Cupertino, and to allay concerns some residents have expressed since it submitted plans to the city last summer.

While Cupertino mayor Gilbert Wong has said in the past that “there is no chance we are saying no” to Apple Campus 2, the fact is that the city has not yet officially said yes. It is currently in negotiations with Apple over approval, and this document, which celebrates the various benefits of Apple’s new HQ, will obviously figure prominently in them.

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