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18 Things About Eventbrite’s Julia and Kevin Hartz

Published on June 24, 2013
by Beth Callaghan

hartz380Kevin and Julia Hartz of Eventbrite believe that having a compatible relationship with a co-founder is paramount — whether it’s romantic or not. And it just so happens that the startup part and the marriage part are both working out pretty well for them so far. They raised $60 million in April at a valuation of somewhere between $600 million and $700 million, giving them some flexibility on timing for a much-discussed Eventbrite IPO. It probably helps that they don’t argue over who gets to drive. Below, they answer some of our questions.

What was your favorite TV show as a kid?
Kevin: “The Brady Bunch.” It taught me about building large teams and scaling.
Julia: “Facts of Life.”

What qualities do you like in a person?
Kevin: Professionally — honesty, empathy, high intellect and strong work ethic. Personally — interesting people.
Julia: Honesty, loyalty and the ability to find humor in any situation.

What qualities do you dislike?
Kevin: Dishonesty and apathy.
Julia: Insecurity and over-competitiveness.

What’s the single most important issue in the world today?
Kevin: Solving violent conflict, whether among individuals or countries. Energy, poverty and disease all seem solvable over time.
Julia: Protecting, feeding and educating children.

What would you be doing if you were not in your current job?
Kevin: Crying myself to sleep.
Julia: Realistically, I think I’d make a fantastic program manager. In the dream world, I’d be a backup dancer on the Lady Gaga tour.

What is your greatest achievement to date?
Kevin: Building Eventbrite, raising a family.
Julia: Creating Eventbrite and two human beings.

If you could meet any historical or fictional person, who would it be?
Kevin: Pets.com sock puppet.
Julia: Maya Angelou.

What site/app do you check first when you wake up?
Kevin: Eventbrite daily stats, WSJ iPad app and Pulse reader.
Julia: Jawbone Up to see how much sleep I got.

What was the last thing you fixed?
Kevin: Does changing a light bulb count?
Julia: A communication issue.

What was your first computer?
Kevin: Commodore PET.
Julia: A Dell desktop.

What was the last book you read?
Kevin: “Blue Ocean Strategy.”
Julia: “The Fault in Our Stars” and “How Children Succeed” — read at the same time, alternating each night.

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?
Kevin: Time travel.
Julia: The ability to protect all my loved ones and every Briteling.

Name your favorite guilty pleasure.
Kevin: Rich Kids of Instagram. Hours of fun.
Julia: Online shopping post 10 pm.

Whom do you idolize?
Kevin: Bill Gates — he was the O.G. startup entrepreneur, and is now driving immense global social impact through his foundation as his Act Two.
Julia: My mother and other women who shattered their own glass ceilings.

What do you drive/ride?
Kevin: My wife and partner, Julia, does all the driving. I spend too much time lost in thought to operate heavy machinery.
Julia: A small SUV.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Kevin: Improved hand-eye coordination. In sports, growing up, I always had an intense desire to win, but I lacked the natural ability. It meant lots of broken tennis rackets.
Julia: To have a better ability to pick the right time to communicate the right thing. I tend to have a right-thing, wrong-time issue.

Who was your biggest influence growing up?
Kevin: My mother’s intense work ethic, and my father’s high intellect and impeccable integrity.
Julia: My big brother.

Describe an ideal day.
Kevin: Make breakfast for my ladies (wife and girls), serve as Eventbrite barista with the team while figuring out the next big thing. Tacolicious with my family, followed by a full night’s sleep to repeat the next day.
Julia: Most days are ideal days for me. I get to spend the day with the Britelings, and bookend my time at Eventbrite with quality time with my children and husband.

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