Foxconn’s Firefox OS Hiring Spree

Published on June 24, 2013
by John Paczkowski

Firefox-OSNow that electronics manufacturer Foxconn has partnered with Mozilla to develop devices running its Firefox operating system, the company is hiring up in support of that effort.

Foxconn hopes to recruit up to 3,000 software engineers with chops in HTML 5 and cloud computing application programming in the months ahead.

That’s triple the headcount the company said it planned to hire when it first announced its partnership with Mozilla. And it speaks to the breadth of its commitment to Firefox OS. Foxconn currently plans to build five Firefox OS devices in support of its “eight screens, one network, and one cloud” plan. And staffing up its software center in Greater Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is essential to that effort.

“[Foxconn] will do its best to develop the Kaohsiung software center as the company‚Äôs software powerhouse,” the company said in a statement. “There will be no budget limit for fostering software talent.”

A grand pronouncement for Foxconn, which is best known as a large-scale manufacturing partner to device makers like Apple. And one that suggests that the company is serious about diversifying its business, and not simply to the manufacture of Firefox devices, but seemingly cloud computing services, as well.

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