BoomTown Clarifies Ron Conway's Clarification of His Super Angel Fit (Plus Bin 38 Menu!)

Published on September 26, 2010
by Kara Swisher

Now comes the backpedaling. Of course.

Today, well-known Silicon Valley angel investor Ron Conway sent a missive to his favorite missive publisher, TechCrunch.

It was a “clarification” of his earlier “leaked” email to Super Angels in which he lambasted them for a controversial dinner at Bin 38 in San Francisco.

At which one of his partners at SV Angel Partners was in attendance. At Conway’s insistence, as it turns out.


Also in the say-what department, a blog post in TechCrunch today about how its TechCrunch Disrupt conference was not going to be all AngelGate read:

“The fact that some of them may or may not have had discussions that may or may not have been inappropriate is, in the end, a sidenote.”

BoomTown can’t mock that epic Silicon Valley statement any more than it does all on its own.

But, after the first decoding, here is the final one for Conway’s words, and then it’s time to leave this circus to the panel tomorrow:

Ron wrote: Last Thursday TechCrunch published a leaked email from me to some angel investors who attended the Bin 38 dinner.

I would like to clarify some confusion from that email.

David Lee, my partner at SV Angel did not want to go the Bin 38 dinner. We talked and then agreed that he should go.

David Lee shares the same passion and satisfaction as I do in helping entrepreneurs bring their innovation to fruition and that’s why we work together and I am proud to call him a close friend and partner.

This is the last time I am going to say anything about this topic since we must focus our attention back where it belongs…with the entrepreneurs and helping them build great companies!

Translation: Jazz hands!

And, as usual, MySpace’s Sean Percival does a great illo of the Super Angel menu at Bin 38, which I neglected to post last week:

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