T-Mobile CEO Says on Verge of Being Able to Claim “Fastest LTE Network”

Published on October 9, 2013
by Ina Fried

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is hardly shy when it comes to making pronouncements.


But there is one claim that he said the company decided to leave out of its announcements on Wednesday — that of being the fastest LTE network out there.

“We were damn close to having in this release a claim that we are now the nation’s fastest 4G LTE” network, Legere said in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

He said the company’s LTE speeds are faster than Sprint and Verizon and – -in 10 of the 20 top markets — also faster than AT&T.

“I’m not announcing we’re the fastest,” Legere said. “I’m announcing we will be announcing that.”

The company is saying on Wednesday that its LTE network, which was the last of the major carriers to launch, now reaches 200 million people in 233 markets.

Legere didn’t offer an update on recent sales or customer gains since the company reported June-quarter results. However, he noted that the company has gained more customers than any of its rivals since announcing the start of the “un-carrier” strategy in March.

“I certainly expect that momentum to continue,” Legere said.

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