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Google Continues to Fill Out iOS App Catalog With Music App

Published on November 15, 2013
by Liz Gannes

googleplaymusic“A couple weeks from now we will launch Google Play Music All Access for iOS,” said Google Apps head Sundar Pichai at our D11 conference in May. A couple weeks … five months … what’s the difference? The app actually launched today.

“It just took us a little longer than we thought to bring it up to the level of polish,” product manager Brandon Bilinski told the Verge.

The app has many of the features of its Android equivalent, but lacks a crucial one: The ability to buy songs. But that’s normal these days — the Kindle app for iOS doesn’t let users buy books, either. Neither Amazon nor Google wants to pay Apple the 30 percent commission it commands on in-app purchases.

Google Music for iOS also lacks Google’s new instant playlist “I feel lucky” radio station.

With the debut of Google Music, there are now more than 20 different Google apps for iOS. This newest offering extends Google’s strategy of having player/reader apps for consuming content, but no central “Google Play for iOS” for buying and managing content in one place.

There’s already a Google Play Books iOS app, but not yet Google Play Magazines or Google Play Movies & TV, though those would be the logical extensions.

However, the next big launch to look for is the expected YouTube music subscription service.

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