Apple: One Million iPads Sold

Published on May 3, 2010
by John Paczkowski

28 days. That was all it took for Apple (AAPL) to sell one million iPads.

In a statement issued this morning, the company said it hit that milestone last Friday — the day the iPad 3G went on sale. “One million iPads in 28 days–that’s less than half of the 74 days it took to achieve this milestone with iPhone,” CEO Steve Jobs said. “Demand continues to exceed supply and we’re working hard to get this magical product into the hands of even more customers.”

So, one million iPads sold in less than a month–domestically. And demand for the device exceeding that for the original iPhone. Quite an achievement considering the iPad is an entirely new device category between the laptop computer and the smartphone.

And, unlike the iPhone, its market is unproven, although that’s obviously changing and quickly, too. It would seem, then, that Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster was right when he suggested yesterday that his forecast of 1.3 million sales in the June quarter might be conservative. After all, the international launch of the iPad is set to begin later this month.

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