IPhone 4: Thanks for the Memory

Published on June 18, 2010
by John Paczkowski

Here is a good explanation for why the forthcoming iMovie app from Apple (AAPL) will run on the iPhone 4, but not on its predecessor, the 3GS: The new model has double the memory. Video of a Worldwide Developers Conference session released Thursday confirms rumors that the device is packing 512MB of RAM (see image above; click to enlarge).

That’s twice the RAM of the iPad, which, like the new phone, sports a 1GHz Apple A4 processor. This means iPhone 4 buyers can expect some impressive performance gains over the 3G and 3GS.

“This is really about allowing [iOS 4’s] limited multitasking to actually have a robust performance,” Rapid Repair CEO Aaron Vronko told Computerworld. “With only 256MB, the iPhone would waste a lot of time and battery power managing memory [during multitasking]. This definitely helps, and will let you keep more apps in the background without affecting battery life.”

[Image Credit: AppleInsider]

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