Intel: Screw Everything, We're Doing Eight Cores

Published on September 5, 2008
by John Paczkowski

If two cores make a good chip and four cores make a better one, then obviously six cores make the best damn chip on the market. Which is what analysts believe Intel’s (INTC) new six-core Xeon processor X7460 will be when it debuts Sept. 15. With six cores and a leviathan 16MB L3 cache, it’s easy to see why. “This is a big deal,” said Gabriel Consulting Group analyst Dan Olds. “It looks like, at least from the benchmarks we’re seeing, six-core chips offer more performance than quad-cores. So, yes, customers are going to want them. What we don’t know is how much power the chips consume and how much heat they will dissipate, and those are key concerns. But, all in all, this is a pretty big advance in the state of the art.”

For now. Because Nehalem, Intel’s next-generation processor, is expected to go into production soon and it’s packing eight cores

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