Not Breaking News: Steve Jobs Not Coming Back to Work Early

Published on February 23, 2009
by Peter Kafka

411px-steve_jobsGotta love the Internet: In addition to up-to-minute updates about breaking news, we also get superfast coverage of non-news. Today’s scoop? Steve Jobs, who said he wouldn’t be coming back to work at Apple until the end of June, isn’t coming back to work early.

That’s the gist of this Bloomberg report, which notes that the Apple (AAPL) boss isn’t expected to attend the company’s annual meeting this week. And for the record, I’ve confirmed the same thing with the company.

There’s more, of course–both in the Bloomberg piece and the subsequent blogosphere follow-ups–involving lots of sober chin-stroking about corporate governance issues and grave “we hate to do this, but we have to bring this up” speculation about Jobs’s health.

But if someone has real news about Jobs or the company–actual, substantiated information about the CEO’s health (a diagnosis from his smoothie maker doesn’t count) or the company’s products and prospects–I haven’t seen it. So let’s leave it at that.

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