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Syncing Bookmarks Across Browsers

Published on October 6, 2010
by Walt Mossberg


You recommended the great Internet browser bookmark sync tool, Foxmarks; since renamed Xmarks. I have been using it for years to keep Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari bookmarks synced at work and home. With its just-announced demise planned for January, are you aware of any good alternatives that offer both cross-platform and cross-browser bookmark syncing?


I am not, but would welcome any reader suggestions, as I too use Xmarks to synchronize my bookmarks across multiple browsers, whether they are running on Windows or Mac. The four most-popular browsers each offer their own syncing systems, but these don’t work across rival browsers.

However, the company now says Xmarks may not die after all. It says it has received interest from other companies in buying the product and that it is also considering continuing it as a paid service.

In fact, it is running an online pledge drive to see how many people would be willing to pay at least $10 a year for it.

Information on this, and links to information on the single-browser alternatives, are at

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