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Kindle or iPad for Reading E-Books?

Published on January 12, 2011
by Walt Mossberg


I own an iPad and love it for surfing the Web, watching movies, etc. However, I have just started to get into the e-book scene, and have found the iPad to be too heavy for long usage. Would I find the Kindle a better e-reader than the iPad?


The Kindle is much less versatile, but it’s specifically designed for reading books. To that end, it’s lighter, works better in sunlight and has longer battery life than an iPad. Plenty of iPad owners, including me, find it to be a fine e-book reader, and it has color and a touch screen, features the Kindle lacks. I also like that, between chapters, I can use the rich ecosystem of apps on the same device. But you are certainly not alone in finding it a bit heavy for long periods of reading. So, yes, I do suspect you’d prefer the Kindle for reading books. Depending on your budget you could own both, especially since the Kindle now starts at just $139.

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