HP Will Put Palm Print on Windows PCs

Published on February 15, 2011
by John Paczkowski

Finally, a bit of clarity on Hewlett-Packard’s plans to “drastically expand” its webOS operating system to the PC and their implications for Microsoft. HP may be going all-in with webOS, but not to the eventual exclusion of Windows.

HP CTO Phil McKinney says the company is working on bringing an integrated webOS experience to the PC. “There’s a huge user base that still wants the [Windows] PC,” he told the Seattle Times. “The key is that even on their PCs, people want to have it integrated with their devices. We have our PCs, you have your pads, you’ve got your phones. How do they work together? In today’s world they all act as individual information islands. What webOS does is bring all that together.”

In other words, HP isn’t dumping Windows, it’s enhancing it–at least for now. A wise move, since the former would be suicide at this point, even though it’s unclear how HP will pull it off. McKinney said the integration will not be done via virtualization, but rather through “a combination of taking the existing operating systems and bringing webOS onto those platforms and making it universal across all of our footprint.”

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