Google 'Party Plane' Performing Victory Rolls Over Corporate HQ

Published on September 21, 2007
by John Paczkowski

Perhaps it’s time for Google to change the navigation at the foot of its search-return pages from ‘Goooooooooogle >‘ to ‘Moooooooooola >.’
Shares of the company hit an all-time high of $560.70 today before dropping a bit to close at $559.98.

The reason for the spike? New comScore search-engine rankings that show Google dominating the market, with a 56.5% share and analyst speculation that the company may one day reach $100 billion in annual revenue. “Google is poised to make ‘big plays’ that could help the company reach $100 billion in revenue,” said Stephen E. Arnold, author of Google Version 2.0: The Calculating Predator. “Most companies neither understand Google’s capabilities nor grasp the significance of the 9-year-old company’s technology. … Google is perceived as a Web search and advertising company. This is the conventional wisdom, and it is too narrow. Search and advertising lubricate Google’s business model. The technical infrastructure and Google-proprietary technology revealed in patent applications give it a significant advantage in today’s marketplace.”

OK. But advantage enough to generate $100 billion in revenue? Sounds crazy. But then again, who ever thought shares in the company would trade at $560 or that co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page would tie for fifth place on Forbes’s annual list of the 10 richest Americans?

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