That "Downgrade" to XP Option Sure Worked Wonders, Didn't It?

Published on May 8, 2008
by John Paczkowski

gates_rocks.jpgYou wouldn’t know it from the protests over Microsoft’s decision to retire Windows XP at the end of June or the PC users exercising their Windows Vista downgrade rights, but Vista is actually selling quite well. Microsoft (MSFT) Chairman Bill Gates said today that sales of Windows Vista have reached 140 million copies worldwide. “That’s a very rapid sales rate,” Gates explained.

Sure is. Especially for an operating system that’s met with such a middling reception. That said, you’ve got to wonder if the 140 million copies to which Gates refers are deployed copies or licenses sold. Because if it’s the latter, the number would be decidedly less impressive. It wouldn’t really account for volume licenses sold to corporate customers, copies pre-installed on OEM computers, and copies downgraded to Windows XP. And Gates has made exactly this type of oblique statement before, the last time Microsoft announced Vista sales figures.

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