Oh, One More Thing … Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release Candidate

Published on June 10, 2008
by John Paczkowski

onemorething.jpgMicrosoft (MSFT) kicked off its annual Tech·Ed conference in Orlando, Fla., this morning–not that anyone’s noticed. And who could blame them, really. The Steve Jobs Show is always a tough act to follow, tougher still when it features a special appearance by Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone 3G, OS X Snow Leopard and .mac replacement MobileMe.

So as engaging a speaker as he might be, Microsoft’s Bob Muglia had his work cut out for him today delivering a Tech·Ed keynote on the evolution of the corporate data center. “The IT industry is evolving at a rate like never before–driven by changing user needs, globalization, shifting economic pressures, increasingly faster processing speeds and more,” Muglia said. “We truly believe this change represents an opportunity for IT professionals to move the needle at their companies by employing new solutions and technologies to boost the agility and speed of their IT systems, ultimately making these systems more dynamic. We call this Dynamic IT.”

Sadly, Dynamic IT doesn’t necessarily imply dynamic keynote address. Although, to be fair, Redmond’s Server Virtualization Validation Program, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release Candidate and Identity Lifecycle Manager 2, beta 3, just don’t lend themselves to those “wow” moments the way the iPhone does.

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