Questions for Bill and Steve's Excellent Adventure?

Published on May 23, 2007
by Kara Swisher

So soon enough, you will be hearing a lot about the joint interview with tech legends–Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs–that Walt and I will be doing exactly a week from tonight at our D: All Things Digital conference in Carlsbad, Calif. (You can read Dow Jones’s press release on the May 30 event here.)

We’ve certainly got a lot of important questions to ask this pair, who really are the twin icons of the digital revolution and key players in its evolution. They also have had a dramatic professional relationship and, just as often, rivalry.

Given the long history of cooperation and competition they have shared, that they have agreed to show up to be interviewed together should make for great high-tech theater.

After next week, Gates will have been onstage at all five D conferences and Jobs will have been four times (he will also appear in a solo interview earlier in the day next Wednesday).

This site will have all sorts of coverage, from live blogs to photos to video excerpts of the whole event (more on that later).

But in the spirit of user-generated content (we mainstream-media types are fast learners), I will be going around all this week with my little video camera and asking well-known tech types and also average folks–good thing I live in San Francisco, where there is a large concentration of geeks–what they would ask the pair if they could.

Starting tomorrow, I will post the video queries, but you can also add questions in the comments section below. Until then, here are three photos by Asa Mathat of the duo at our third D in 2005 at dinner, sharing obviously amusing tales (I would love to know about what), and three more yukking it up with another tech icon, Mitch Kapor.







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