It's True: A VC's Life Is Like a Day at the Beach

Published on July 20, 2007
by Kara Swisher

I motored on out to Stinson Beach, the lovely coastal community about an hour’s drive north of San Francisco, yesterday for the annual get-together thrown by True Ventures, a venture firm.


I missed the clambake part of the event–my kids need tending, so I can’t be all Elvis-acting!–but had a nice time chatting with its partners on the sand.

True is an interesting and highly eclectic fund, and much less formal than other more stodgy outfits. Hence, a beach party rather than a gathering at some pricey resort.

Some of its better known companies are Automattic (CEO Toni Schneider is also a True partner and its main product is the WordPress open-source blogging software, used here, btw); GigaOm, Om Malik’s blogging empire; IM apps maker Meebo; blog search apps maker Sphere (also used on this site); and scanR, a start-up that allows digital cameras and cellphones to scan, copy and fax.

I chatted with some partners in this video, as well as an interesting new entrepreneur that True is backing from Chesspark. It’s a little long, and there are some unfortunate wind problems caused by the Pacific Ocean, but you also get an exclusive BoomTown tour guide of the scenic trip.

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