BoomTown Liveblogging From Yahoo Annual Meeting in San Jose!

Published on August 1, 2008
by Kara Swisher

Ah, lovely breakfast pastries of all kinds tumbling down from the tables outside the Imperial Ballroom at the San Jose Fairmont this morning at Yahoo’s annual meeting.

But, of course, no Carl Icahn and the noisy proxy fight circus that would have followed the shareholder activist here.

Which is kind of a relief, really, after a very fraught year for the troubled Internet company.

As to news that is likely to come out of the meeting, which starts at 10 a.m.?

“It’s going to be boring,” said one Yahoo PR honcho.

“We’re going for dull,” said another, sporting a purple Yahoo T-shirt, which most of the various Yahoo (YHOO) minions were wearing.

“Nothing will happen,” said another.

Actually, it sounds like a great corporate strategy for the year ahead for Yahoo: Aggressive monotony!

No news is good news!

Bore reporters into a stupor!

Well, I am sure I can come up with something.

Until then, here is my video from last year’s meeting at the much less tony Santa Clara Convention Center:

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