Google Updates Its Management Page…By Taking Almost Everybody Off It

Published on April 22, 2011
by Liz Gannes

We’d chided Google recently for its out-of-date management page, given the departures and promotions since Larry Page took back the CEO title on April 4. Now the company has, indeed, updated its management page…by taking almost everybody off of it.

Where before, Google had listed nine people as executive officers, now it only has six, cutting out Shona Brown, Alan Eustace, and Jonathan Rosenberg. What happened to those three? Long-time head of product management Rosenberg is leaving the company; Eustace is now head of “Knowledge,” a.k.a. search, on par with six other “core product area” SVPs; and Brown is now in charge of

By the way, none of those changes have actually been announced by Google, though when asked, the company has confirmed they have indeed happened.

That leaves the following:

Larry Page, CEO
Eric E. Schmidt, Executive Chairman
Sergey Brin, co-founder
Nikesh Arora, Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer
David C. Drummond, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Chief Legal Officer
Patrick Pichette, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Sure, we’re obsessing about a single, mostly static Web page, but what makes these deletions more remarkable is that prior to a major clean-up last year, the management page had something like 70 people on it (here it is on the Wayback Machine).

Meanwhile, a related corporate timeline that diligently lists Google’s launches and other accomplishments hasn’t been updated since Sept. 2010.

But this seems to be the way of the new Larry Page regime: offering less information, not more.

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